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made 3-D blockbuster, has collected Huabiao Awards and big box office earnings. Now this sto

ecently, the production became part of▓ the Green Library Project, an national effort to promote environmental awareness among China's youth. Among the other works included are the movie "Ke

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Ke Xi Li," a documentary calle▓d "The Question of Water," and books like "The Silent Spring" and "China's Environmental Agenda In The 21st Century."The Green Library Project aims to supply recent ecologically-themed publications, and audio-visual materials, ▓to the librar

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ies of primary and secondary schools around the nation. The effort will also focus▓ on communities neighboring nature reserves throughout the country.Antique furniture, es▓pecially hard wood furniture, has enjoyed great popularity in China in rec▓ent years. And rose wood

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furniture made in Ming and Qing dynasties is probably the most popular of all. Compared with other types of hard wood, rose wood is in much better supply and is affordable by ordinary people. Today, we tell the story of one collector who has devoted his life to rose wood

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furniture.----Zhang Hui, Furniture▓ collectorThis is the most famous antique street in Beijing. Many just wander here out of curiosity, but some, like this man, have the place mapped out in their▓ hearts.Zhang Hui, one of the keenest collectors of rose-wood furni▓ture in

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